Do you know that sex is important for our health as we are sexual creatures. It is not only important for the heart, but also for the nervous system. The endorphins released during intercourse, acts as a natural painkiller. So when, you’re finally ready for your next sexual challenge. You’ve given it a lot of thought, and you want to take steps towards becoming a first time sex doll buyer. Whatever doll you decide to take, it’ll make your sexual life complete, so don’t rush into anything.

The problem with buying a sex doll that it is not easy, for first-time buyers, especially, if you’ve got your heart set on a certain customization or your requirements are uncompromising, you need to talk to the supplier with your interests.

To get started, it does help to have a bit of knowledge about what sort of doll material to look out for, the preferred sizes, their flexibility, etc. The more knowledge you have, the better informed your decisions are going to be and, as we know, information is power.

So, here’s our list of tips in full. We hope you find them useful and land yourself an incredible new sexy doll.

The mini sex doll, 100cm – 4.1ft, is a beautiful teen angel made of TPE material weighing 20kg. She has an anatomical correct figure and realistic silicone organs for ultimate pleasuring and every detail impeccable.

The custom sex doll, 140cm – 4.6ft, is a full-size sex doll in TPE weighing 25kg. She can be fully customized and will help you realize you sinful desires in every available position without any tear or chemical leaching.

The life size sex doll, 158cm – 5.2ft, is a passionate, busty lover weighing 33kg. She is very flexible and is handcrafted from her sensuous, full open mouth to her hot and sexy curves that will capture your senses at first glance.

The realistic lifelike sex doll, 167cm – 5.5ft H cup, is your real life doll for company, weighing 33kg. She believes that sex liberates and boosts wellbeing for conscious people like you.

The shemale sex doll, 165cm – 5.4ft H cup, has something for everyone weighing 33kg. You can dive into her welcoming vagina and anus and also have fun with the rock-hard 7 inch penis. The penile attachment can be easily removed any time for vaginal sex.
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